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Welcome to MaineLights.org

NEWEST VIDEO!!!(added 12/13/2014)

BSO Jingle Bells - MaineLights.org (2014) from Jeff F on Vimeo.

2015 Christmas Light Schedule:
Saturday, November 28th thru Monday, December 30th
7:00pm to 10:00pm ANIMATED DISPLAY (earlier/later on Fri-Sat-Sun)
(All times are approximate and weather/traffic permitting of course.)

UPDATE: Friday 11/20/2015

Setup is going well and everything looks to be on schedule. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to catch all my ramblings about projects, setup progress, and all things Christmas lights!

UPDATE: Wednesday 12/24/2014

IT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD FOR THE LIGHTS TONIGHT(12/24/2014) due to the extremely wet conditions and possible high winds forecast for this evening. Being high up on the hill here the winds are usually much worse than down in the valley.

We will try running the lights after celebrating Christmas Eve with family. Look for the official word after 7pm.

UPDATE: Tuesday 12/23/2014

The plan tonight(12/23/2014) is the same as last night... ONE SONG will play OVER AND OVER AND OVER again(yes, similar to the Groundhog Day movie). The theory is that hopefully people will stop for the one song and then move on. Things get backed up quick so even though it may look dead... insanity is only moments away!

The hours will be from 7:00pm to 10:00pm as long as the heavy rain holds off.

p.s. The threat of us changing the one song to "Santa's Elves" if people are really naughty is still there! Please don't make us do it!!!

And be sure to follow us on the ol' Facebooks for WAY more updates. I am very guilty of neglecting this page and I apologize to those non-Facebook people.

UPDATE: Sunday 12/14/2014

Well... it's really, REALLY wet up here! Not only is it foggy, but there's this thick mist just hovering in the air. Would definitely make for a GREAT Halloween light display!

Unfortunately I just tried to run the lights a few minutes ago and multiple GFCI outlets tripped. What this means is unless things get less wet(yes, less wet does not equal dry) we will NOT be able to run the lights tonight!

I was going to try and start at 5:30 again tonight but that's not happening. I will try them again in a little bit to see if the GFCI's trip again.

Updates will be posted soon but as of right now I only give it a 50-50 chance that they will be on tonight. Sorry folks.

UPDATE: Saturday 12/13/2014

The 2014 videos have been posted HERE! Enjoy!!!

UPDATE: Sunday 12/07/2014

Things have been going pretty well with the lights so far. The rain that came through the past couple of days wasn't an issue... UNTIL the cold froze all that water in the light sockets. Worked on getting things going for a couple hours tonight before the lights went on but there are still 5 partial sections of arches out, 2 sections of spiral trees out, and at least one section on one of the new 5' trees. Hopefully most of those will be fixed for tomorrow! Be sure to also check our Facebooks page for even more updates!

UPDATE: Thursday 11/27/2014

Happy Thanksgiving! We ended up going live tonight around 5:20pm since the family was over and the lights will be on until 11pm tonight. The 2014 lighting season is officially under way!

UPDATE: Thursday 11/13/2014

We have been hard at work setting up the display over the past couple weeks. So far the house lights are all up(except the Merry Christmas wire frame) and most of the yard decorations have been placed. There is a *TON* of wiring and testing left to do so hopefully things will be a go for December 1st!!!

Be sure to follow us on the ol' Facebooks for more updates.

UPDATE: Sunday 09/28/2014

Since I am only posting big updates here, be sure to follow us on Facebook to catch all my ramblings about projects, setup progress and all things Christmas lights!

UPDATE: Sunday 12/29/2013

Due to my laziness and the crappy weather heading this way, the lights should be running a couple extra nights(until Friday January 3, 2014).

Also, the 2013 videos are now uploaded on Vimeo... ENJOY!

UPDATE: Tuesday 12/24/2013

Alright... it happened without me even realizing it. I am a Facebooker... there, I said it! I just realized that I update the Facebook page way more than the website now. So with that said, be sure to drink your Ovaltine and be sure to check our Facebook page for updates on cancellations, delays, song rotation, and whatever Jeff is babbling about. Merry Christmas!!!

UPDATE: Saturday 12/14/2013

Spent 6 hours out there today putting the blowups up... unfortunately the lights will NOT be on tonight due to the messy roads and forecast snow. We'll try again tomorrow.

UPDATE: Sunday 12/08/2013

Lights started early tonight and will be on until 10pm. For more up-to-date updates be sure to swing over to our Facebook page.

UPDATE: Thursday 12/05/2013

NO LIGHTS TONIGHT(Thursday 12/05)!!! Due to the ground being saturated, the GFCI protection circuits are going nuts. Looks like crap weather tomorrow also so probably the next time the lights will be on is Saturday evening. Sorry folks.

UPDATE: Monday 12/02/2013

Wow... December!?!?!? Really? How time flies!

The weekday hours are now from 7pm to 10pm and the weekend hours are 6:30pm to 11pm. I've been known to start a little early and finish a little late somedays but those are the hours the lights SHOULD be on. Just check here and/or the Facebooks page for updates!

UPDATE: Friday 11/29/2013

Ended up going live with the lights yesterday evening. About the only thing left to do is fix a few(more) strands and put up the banner. So far I've watched the lights for about 3 hours the past two evenings... I like lights!

UPDATE: Wednesday 11/27/2013

Alright, here it comes... a little pre-season reminder...

So, even though we expanded and now have a Facebooks page we would like to ask something that's a little backwards from most every other page on there... please, please, please do not share us!

Those that have followed the display over the years know why... and now I'll explain it to the newest people here. Our location stinks! Well, not really but as far as being able to park somewhere and watch the lights it does. We can comfortably have four cars in our driveway watching the lights but the road doesn't lend itself very well to "parking".

Between the ditches, woodchucks flying over the hill doing way more that the suggested 35MPH(yes, that's actually posted on those nice roadside signs!), and the fact that we get weather most of Broome County doesn't... sometimes it's almost as much work trying to stop to watch the lights as it is to put them all up!

Over the years we have seen people do the dumbest things in order to watch the lights. Parking in the middle of the road with lights off ranks right up there! Please us common sense! If the driveway is full, the uphill side of the road across from the house seems like the best place to get vehicles close to being off the road. The ditch is there, but there is actually a shoulder you can use.

Weekday nights seem to be the slowest while weekends seem to pick up. And speaking of picking up... the few days before Christmas are usually insane! We understand why but we also don't? After Christmas it dies right off which becomes the perfect time for getting cozy with the lights(some cars have gotten too cozy... just remember you are on camera when you are in the driveway!).

So, there you have it. Don't share us! Keep this whole thing a little secret between us... and you. Watch the lights if you can do it safely. Don't do anything that would jeopardize you, your family, our family, or those woodchucks(for they know not that they are woodchucks).

And remember the reason for the season! God Bless!


If you plan to stop by to enjoy the lights we ask that you remember East Maine Road can be a very busy road at times and completely dead at others. The suggested speed limit is 35MPH over the crest of the hill(thanks Judge! ) but people do not seem to follow that suggestion. Feel free to pull into our driveway to enjoy the lights! Two cars can pull in side-by-side and if you go far enough another two can pull in behind you.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: We can not have people parked in the road... If this happens the lights will have to be turned off. Unfortunately some people travel well over the cautionary speed limit of 35MPH so... DO NOT STOP IN THE ROAD!!! PLEASE PULL INTO OUR DRIVEWAY and if there is not room consider stopping by later. If you have tried a few times and just can't get in, send us an email and we'll make arrangements.

One more note about the road, if you are pulling over to let someone pass, be careful of the ditch... once we get snow up here the ditches will magically disappear underneath the plowed snow. Only problem is they haven't really dissappeared and you'll be needing a tow.


The display is located at 1245 East Maine Rd in the Town of Maine(in NY).

We have always enjoyed decorating the house for Christmas and in 2007 we had a display with about 4,000 Christmas lights and 13 inflatable.

2008 was the first year that we had the display synchronized to music broadcast on 94.9 FM radio via a low-powered FM transmitter. There were around 45,000 computer controlled lights with Silver, Gold, and Red being the primary colors. In all, we could control 176 individual channels of lighting. The inspiration for the 2008 display was Richard Holdman of Utah. Our whole family has enjoyed his display for the past three years and our display tries to capture his style of synchronized lighting(and boy does he have style!).

Some items of interest in 2008 were a 21 foot Mega-Tree with 4,800 lights, four 10 foot animated arches with 1,700 dancing lights each, and a 12 foot tree with 4,800 lights.

In 2009, we kept everything from 2008 and added another 10,000 - 15,000 lights and 80 more lighting channels. We also added two snowflake trails on the house, four "jumping" arches in the yard, and doubled the lights on the two smaller 10' trees.

The display in 2010 was very similar to 2009. The 21' mega-tree was upgraded from 4,800 lights to 9,600 lights as well as some other upgrades. The blowups also made a comeback and they were a huge hit.

In 2011 we reduced the amount of lights to ~50,000 and we also reduced the time the display is on. The past year was a bit much for us and instead of taking the year off, we decided to try for a little less "show".

In 2012 and 2013 we were back to around 75,000 lights and put up the blowups a couple weeks before Christmas. The display hours were reduced to 7pm to 10:00pm weekdays and 6:30pm to 11:00pm on the weekends.

Site Last Updated: November 20, 2015

The 2010 Christmas Lights were dedicated to Great Grandma Billie. We love and miss you!